About Us

Welcome to Richard Wutzke Private Wealth Management. Managing wealth is more than just simply managing investments. Our elite team is committed to providing you with superior wealth management through tailor-made strategies that ensure your short and long-term goals are met.

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Our Approach

We will build your plan always to reflect your changing needs and inspire confidence in your complete financial well-being. Our proactive and synchronized approach is based on experience and insights gained in serving a variety of clients over the years. Yet we always meet every new client with a fresh perspective to consider their goals and uncover their unique needs.

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Giving Back

We give back to the communities in which we live and work. Individually, and as a team, we support several causes and contribute to a variety of organizations. The community benefits, and we grow as individuals and a team as a result.

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Our Solutions

With an enhanced team-based approach that provides both local and national industry expertise, Richard Wutzke Private Wealth Management provides you with an elevated level of advice and resources. We provide comprehensive wealth management solutions and based on what is right for your unique needs, we will tailor an approach specific to managing your wealth and achieving your goals.

Tax Planning

Taxes are a critical consideration that impact every aspect of your financial life.  As part of a holistic planning approach, we aim to integrate sophisticated tax planning solutions to help manage the complexities of your wealth and to ensure your overall plan is tax-efficient.

Investment Planning

We are guided by a disciplined investment approach that leverages the combined talents of IG Wealth Management’s investments team and leading global investment partners. This helps unlock a world of opportunity, so you can confidently pursue your goals and financial well-being.

Estate Planning

Creating a legacy for the people, organizations and causes you care about requires proactive planning. We will help you create a carefully structured estate plan that reflects your unique wishes, protects your wealth and provides clarity to those you love.

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What our clients are saying

 Early in my career, I did not feel comfortable interpreting my investments or deciding what to invest in though I knew it was important to start early and diversify. Richard patiently explained all the options no matter how many questions I had about a particular investment. Now more than 18 years later, Richard and his team expertly help my husband and I manage all those family decisions of a mortgage, investments, life insurance, our children’s education and vacation savings.  

Jill H.

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Education Centre

Check out the latest videos

Steve Locke, Portfolio Manager (iProfile Fixed Income Private Pool), Mackenzie Investments

Steve Locke, Portfolio Manager (iProfile Fixed Income Private Pool), Mackenzie Investments In this video, Steve shares his insights on the current market environment generally and the fixed income space in particular. Further, he provides an overview of the iProfile Fixed Income Private Pool and the changes he and his team have made given recent market volatility. 

Market Volatility – Fund update (Samantha Azzarello, Executive Director & Global Market Strategist)

We are here to help you navigate uncertain times and stay focused on long-term goals. As one of IG's asset managers, Samantha Azzarello, Executive Director & Global Market Strategist provides J.P. Morgan’s analysis of what’s currently happening in global markets and why the current situation is so unique.

John Simpson, Managing Director, Multi-Asset Strategies Group BlackRock 

John shares BlackRock’s analysis of the current market environment and provides an update on changes being made to the IG BlackRock Active Allocation Pools (which are building blocks within the IG Core Portfolios).